Relationship Course


Who is it for

This course is for individuals who want to take their relationship to the next level.  You many be single, single in a committed relationship, contemplating marriage or a married couple.  This course examines 10 different categories of relationship connection. In each session you will learn information and concepts along with practice application to strengthen your relationship.  It will explore the manner in which individuals move from initial engagement to ultimately identifying how to move forward in relationship.  The exercises are  designed to help couples deepen their connection through exploring topics that can derail a relationship if not discussed and confronted.   Money, sex, boundaries,  family dynamics, conflict challenges and resolution are a few of the categories processed in this course.  


What can you expect

Expand your individual awareness of self while exploring your behavior in a relationship.  Reflect on and explore personal and emotional connections individuals have regarding money, sex and family.  Identify how core values and self-reflection are the foundation of relationship.  
Demonstrate the level of flexibility or rigidity to specific topics that get in the way of progressing in healthy relationships.
  • Identify what are healthy and unhealthy ways of interacting under stress.
  • Identify and address conflict styles and the healthy and unhealthy conflict resolution.
  • Learn to speak your truth in love in an effort to improve awareness and engagement.
  • Learn the ability to detect your emotional strengths and weaknesses.
  • Learn how core values and self-reflection allow an individual to show up best.
  • Implement core skills that promote  individual change in self and others.
  • Expose unspoken rules and how they block healthy communication.
  • Use the recovery process to slow down the conversation and move to a place of clarity.
  • Develop a relationship mission statement to provide goals and directions for moving forward.

We can help you with your relationships because we know the difficulties you face.