Practice Focus Area


We believe that the heart has the ability to heal where it is broken. People at times view counseling as something for people who are unstable or weak. Actually counseling allows an individual to learn various coping skills that help assist with everyday issues from anxiety, depression to life transitions. Oue goal is to support individuals learn to leave in a more holistic way – body, mind and spirit. You will challenges places of brokenness and unhealthy distortions that prevent you from living in a purpose driven life.

To identify your areas of strength and weakness, and explore your desires in order to live more empowered.


We tailor our approach towards helping you reach your goals and dealing with your unique situation. Each couple has a different dynamic that may require different tools. We will explore various techniques to facilitate healthy connection and reduction of gridlock issues. Couples counseling provides a space for you to become the best you within a relationship. Counseling is a great space to receive support on making strategic plans to rebuild a relationship. Many of my clients come into session to seek counseling for improving communication skills as well as address perpetual issues. Counseling has proven effective for couples that have experienced affairs, infidelity, sexual addiction and broken promises. Couples attempting to address blended family dynamics have found counseling provided space to learn realistic boundaries and expectations of the new family unit.

We can help you with your relationships because we know the difficulties you face.