Who is it for

Individuals who want to live a life of passion and purpose. Those who want to have strong relationships and to live and thrive as their authentic self.  Are you wanting to be the best you or a better version of who you really are, but have had issues getting to that point?  Our coaching process will help you learn, grow and move towards the best you.
Couples who are looking to increase their connection with each other; Wanting a radical relationship with purpose, passion and a deeper sense of oneness.  Having a confidence that no matter what ‘You are the most important thing to your significant other!  You can achieve this kind of connection with our unique style of coaching that challenges your thoughts to develop a lasting relationship.


What can you expect

We are dedicated to help you live your best self with purpose and passion- You can expect to:
Learn what it takes to see your authentic self
Grow– prepared and ready: personal, professional and spiritual
Move in a strategic way to make incremental gains
You will gain knowledge and practical application to support your efforts by Identify Authentic self and Encouraging of Personal Self Reflection-  How do you see yourself, how do others see you?
Know how to define, understand and connect to your core values. You will know what you need for the next level of growth.
Finally position yourself for movement- what it takes also measure your readiness to move.  It can be a small as 2- degree difference to start 



Session 1

 Identify your top 5 core values and the impact they have on relationships (work/personal).

Session 2

Identify and explore the various challenges that hinder a healthy sense of self.

Session 3

Analyze and address rigid thought processes which prevent the ability to move in and out of a problem.  Learn the ability to move from detailed to big picture and back again.

Session 4

Address distortions that prevent you from developing resilience.

We can help you with your relationships because we know the difficulties you face.