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Relationship experts with 30+ years of experience helping individuals and couples to show up authentically and honestly. To develop radical relationships personally and professionally.

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Julien Thorn

I have experienced the coaching from Darryl and Shirley.  By far, if you are looking to find ways to manage the challenges in your personal relationship, this couple are the people to get you on the other side of it without whitewashing or giving you the okeydoke.

Marilyn Calbert

This counselor has been academically trained. She is anointed by God, and tells it like it really is. If you aren't serious, don't waste your time or hers! Just go into it saying ouch and oh Lord, but when it is over you will thank God and her for her service!

Kelley Moore

Straight Talk from Straight shooters that will intentionally increase your knowledge and ability to grow.

Winnie Moore

I recommend the set me straight Facebook page because any couple that is looking for tools to help improve their marriage and build their marriage stronger this would be the perfect page to go to get that advice from.

Michelle Roberts

We have attended several of Darryl and Shirley’s workshops.   We are leave with great relationship and coping skills.  At first my husband was not sure about going to a couples workshop. However, the Lytles are great at giving their life experiences that you can relate to.  

The most important thing is to enjoy your life - to be happy - Thats all that matters

We can help you with your relationships because we know the difficulties you face.


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